Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Submit Your MTG Card Alters to The Gallery!

We're always looking for new submissions to our stock of Magic altered card art and we always credit the altered artist! When you submit, your MTG artwork will be added to the main page of the site for all visitors to see and comment on. In addition, you'll be added to our Altered Artist Directory where our thousands of visitors can easily find your altered art MTG. We strongly believe in giving people credit for their MTG artwork and Magic the Gathering art! The Magic Card Art Gallery may also serve as a portfolio in itself, as each artist added to the site is given a unique URL that will only show their work that can be sent to friends, family, and even placed in signatures on forums so others may see your work! This not only helps you spread the word about your art but also support the Blog!

To submit your work, send an email to with "Altered Art" in the title to MagicAlteredArt@gmail.com. In your email include:
  1. Links of images that you wish to display on the site - It is generally desired that links to image hosting accounts (photobucket, ImageShack, flickr..) or personal websites are provided. If you do not have a photobucket account, you may sign up for one free here. Your images will bestored on a separate server so you will not incur a bandwith spike from our traffic.
  2. Name of the Artist as you would like it to appear in The Directory and on The Gallery - This name will also appear in the personal link of the artist that shows their work on this site. The artist link will be http://www.alteredartmagic.blogspot.com/search/label/***  , where *** is the artist's credit as it appears on The Directory.
  3. A link to the portfolio site of the artist, if desired - Please do not submit sites with adult content or art depicting adult content.

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