Thursday, June 4, 2009

Renting Ad Space with the Gallery!

Thanks for your interest in renting ad space with the Altered Art Gallery. We have thousands of hits per day (latest Google readout is average of 27,000 impressions per day), with many unique visitors. Each day, thousands of Google queries bring new traffic to the site, maintaining an ever growing population that is constantly refreshing with new potential customers. We're ranked as the #1 site in Google Image searches for our sector.

According to our latest Audience data, 90% of visitors are from the US. The majority of the remaining traffic is from other North American and European countries such as Italy, Germany, and Canada. Out of the Top 10 countries with the most visitors the only country outside of North America and Europe is Brazil, ranked at 5th.

Most of the ad space on the site is dedicated to 160 x 600 "wide skyscrapers" trending downward alongside focus content such as the Artist  and "Popular Card Alters" lists. As viewers navigate through the site, they repeatedly focus on these regions, making it excellent advertising space.

We offer highly competitive rates. If you wish to pursue a rental agreement, please contact us at for rates.

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