Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Gold Eagle" (Cloudchaser Eagle) by Jacob Honor

This Gold Eagle is a special gift created by and mailed to me from Jacob Honor. You can't really see it in the scan below, but the wings are done in a spectacular metallic gold paint that accentuates the original card art. The scan simply cannot do this piece justice. Thanks, Jacob! You never cease to amaze!

Gold Eagle Altered Art Magic Card Art by Bigup, Gold Eagle Collection
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  1. Awesome card Jacob! Not many people alter 7th ed commons.....

  2. Thank you. I alter based on artwork not popularity. This was also a gift for golden eagle.

  3. Thanks, Jacob! This is definitely one of my favorite cards. When I asked about the Gold Eagle, I assumed you'd have to alter a Suntail Hawk kind of akwardly in order to get the effect. I should have thought about this card though.