Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Black Lotus" by Eric Klug

I definitely love Eric Klug Alters, this one especially! It's bright, cheery, and sort of light-hearted, but I think you can do a lot more creative and flavorful things with a Black Lotus. It'd be interesting to find out if this was Eric Klug's idea or if a customer specifically requested this art.

I'm just glad to share another of Klug's Black Lotus alterations.

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  1. The concept was Eric's idea, but I loved the concept and the final result.

    jvs (owner)

  2. Thanks, JVS. I wasn't doubting it was gorgeous, just that it wasn't an idea I'd automatically think of for Black Lotus.

    Is this a collection card or does it hit the graveyard for 3 mana sometimes?

  3. It's in a ridiculous 700+ card deck designed for 2-6 players or so called Big Deck, full of the sweetest cards I have been able to assemble.

    The cradled hands aspect of the design is from the Gencon Mox paintings for Vintage champs, which you probably realized already, but some people might not get the reference.