Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Lion's Eye Diamond" by Demonium71

I'm not usually a fan of posting multiple alters for the same artist in one day, but when I stumbled across this Lion's Eye Diamond Ajani alter my jaw hit the desk -- the flamboyant color, the outright intensity, AND the incredible flavor of getting the Lion Planeswalker on there? AWESOME. Best part? This is part of a cycle and there are 3 more, each with a unique spin on the Lion's Eye Diamond Ajani theme. I'll be sure to get them up on here at some point.

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  1. When you get a card like this in the alter gallery, do you have any way to give credit to the fact that it's also an Ajani card now, too?

  2. @Daniel, not yet. Sometimes I'll add in it as a keyword so that this will show up on the "Related cards" list. I did that for Jace during his height in popularity.

    1. Hey, just stumbled over this site and saw my Lion's Eye Diamond here. If you want pictures of the whole "Lost Eye Diamond" Set Contact me via