Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Delver of Secrets" by Michael Martin

Michael Martin's Itchy and Scratchy commission on Delver of Secrets.

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Correction: It's by Michael Martin, not Jacob Honor. DOH!
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  1. Heads up. This is not my work. It is Michael Martins :)!!! Far better artist than myself.

  2. While I most assuredly disagree with the better artist assertion, this is in fact mine lol

  3. How did I screw this up?!?! At least I'm getting people to comment now. That's a first!

  4. Lol another comment... Np biggie, but my last name is Martin, not martins lol. No biggie tho

  5. I'm about to quit. :-(

    It's much worse with Donnie and Jim since they both work under "Crooked Cross Cards" and I need to find out which one did each alter. Sometimes I just straight up get it wrong.

  6. I have a set of Delvers with the same alter, but not done by Michael Martin. The same person has been doing knovk-off versions of a lot of card alters. I don't condone it but there's no way to stop them (to the best of my knowledge).